Our Passion is servicing Nonprofits and Small Businesses with:

  • 401(k) plans
  • 403(b) plans
  • SEP and SIMPLE IRA’s
  • Solo 401(k)
  • Other qualified and non-qualified pension and profit-sharing plans

We understand your fiduciary role, compliance obligations, and the importance of smooth plan operations. So you can rely on Retirement Plan Partners, LLP., to help design and administer a customized retirement plan — one that meets the goals of your business and employees.


We’re committed to addressing what matters most to you:

We understand that retirement plans are really about people. That’s why we serve as independent partners to your plan’s trustees. Using an educational approach, we recommend customized strategies. In addition, we’re focused on keeping plans compliant from an investment, operational, and administrative standpoint. 

Both Jamie and Apryl have earned the Certified Fiduciary Plan Advisor (CPFA) designation from the National Association of Plan Advisors. In addition, Apryl Pope has been designated as a Certified Financial Planning Professional (CFP) by the Certified Financial Planner Board of Standards, Inc. With a rapidly changing environment; we stay on top of industry trends as active members of the National Association of Plan Advisors.

Retirement plan services for employers

  • Benchmarking analysis of plan effectiveness and costs
  • Custom retirement plan design
  • Fiduciary responsibility management
  • Investment services
  • Training and education for plan participants


Credentials & Certifications

Certified Plan Fiduciary Advisor (CPFA)


National Association of Plan Advisors Member

LPL Investment Advisor Representatives