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Risk Management

Risk Management

  • Life Insurance
  • Long-term care insurance
  • Disability Insurance
  • Fixed and Indexed Annuities
Investment Management “You drive”

Investment Management “You drive”

No Minimum

  • Annual Performance Review
  • Annual Risk Tolerance Review
  • Quarterly statements from fund company
  • Financial Education Newsletter
  • Online investment account access

Additional Services

  • Life Insurance Evaluation
  • Retirement Check-up (one-time)
  • Email and Phone support (during business hours)

Financial Advisor’s Compensation Type

Investment Advice “We drive”

Investment Advice “We drive”

$5,000 Minimum

  • Actively Managed Investment Portfolio
  • Asset Allocation Recommendations
  • Portfolio Rebalancing
  • Annual Performance Review
  • Annual Risk Tolerance Review
  • Financial Goal Planning
  • Investment Advice
  • Quarterly Investment Statements
  • Financial Education Newsletter

Additional Services

  • 24-7 access to your Personal Financial Website with UNLIMITED cloud storage (powered by eMoney)
  • 24-7 access to your online Financial Goal Planning Software (powered by eMoney)
  • Life Insurance Evaluation
  • Retirement Check-up (annually)
  • Semi-annual review meetings
  • Email and Phone support (during business hours)

Financial Advisor’s Compensation Type
Annual Fee: based on Assets Under Management

Helping you live your best life!

Helping you live your best life!

STEP 1 - What do I really want in life?

  • 45-90 minute discovery and goal definition meeting

STEP 2 - Where is all my stuff?

  • 45-90 Financial Organization Meeting

STEP 3 - Where is my money going?

  • 30-45 Minute Cash Flow Planning Session
  • 30-45 Minute Phone Call - Debt Elimination Planning Session

STEP 4 - What should I do?

  • 45-90 Minute Recommendations Meeting with your CFP® Professional

STEP 5 - How can I make sure I stick to my plan?

  • 20 Minute Monthly Check-in Meetings
  • Email and Phone Support (9:00am-5:00pm M-F)
  • Up to 2 hours of Collaboration with other Professionals you work with (i.e. CPAs, attorneys, insurance agents, etc.)
  • Recommendations to other financial professionals in our network
<strong>Common Financial Planning Topics</strong>

Common Financial Planning Topics


Create a monthly and annual cash flow statement based on current income and expenses

  • Organize income and expenses
  • Create automated savings plan
  • Review/set up auto bill pay for recurring expenses
  • Analyze 3 months of transactions history
  • Automatic monitoring of spending through eMoney website
  • Create savings plan for goals


Create a step-by-step action plan to crush your debt and rescue your monthly income

  • Credit report review and analysis
  • Form letters to dispute error on credit reports
  • Analysis of all current debts
  • Detailed debt elimination plan
  • Student loan repayment strategy
  • Mortgage/Refinance Review


Ensure that you and your family are adequately covered and protected against the unforeseen

  • Review of current insurance policies (life, disability, auto, home, and umbrella coverages)
  • Determine appropriate insurance coverage for you
  • Employer benefits package review
  • Evaluate need for long-term care insurance

Client Centered


Create a detailed plan aiming to help ensure that you don’t run out of money in retirement

  • Analyze all sources of retirement income
  • Create a cash flow plan for retirement
  • Create a pre-retirement debt management plan
  • Discuss options for healthcare
  • Social security benefits review
  • Charitable giving strategies
  • Pension payment options review
  • Explore options for guaranteed income in retirement


Help navigate the process for getting your child enrolled in a school that fits their dreams and your pockets!

  • Evaluate 529 College Savings Plan options
  • Help navigate the process from application to enrollment
  • Financial Aid Package review
  • Create a student budget
  • Scholarship tracking sheet
  • Discuss options for a debt free education


Leave a legacy for your loved ones

  • General estate planning and gifting strategies
  • General trust planning and education
  • Discuss impact of beneficiary designations
  • Explanation of estate planning structures and documents - wills, POA, Trusts, etc.

Financial Planning Prices


$500 up front + $299/month


$500 up front + $375/month

*Savings available if paid in full.